Residential doors

Your front door is as individual as you are; it is a statement that creates a first and last impression of you and your home, so it makes sense to invest in it wisely.

We offer a wide range of front and back door styles, giving you the option to match the door it replaces or to choose a completely different look. We offer mix and match options of door styles, a variety of decorative glass patterns, complementary door furniture and a range of locking hardware.


Composite Door range

These are a solid laminate timber which combine classic or modern styling with high security locking. The core is completely in capsulated within highly durable plastic edge banding and 2 thermo plastic door skins making this a very strong and a good insulter. These doors come in a range of colours.


Stable doors

Our stable doors combine great curb appeal with high security performance, ease of use and low maintenance. The door can be split so that only the upper section moves and the bottom section remains locked, or so that it operates as an ordinary front door with both the upper and lower sections opening and closing as one.

Patio and French doors

Patio and French doors are ideal for extending your home into the garden, providing maximum light and airiness when opening up the doors.


Bifolding doors

Bifolding doors feature panels that are configured into a number of folds, which can concertina open into a small space, allowing optimum light into the room with minimal obstruction.

They allow a wider opening from a house or conservatory, extending any home so you can enjoy the benefits of the outdoors and the garden all year round.

Bifolding doors are ideal where an opening or a partition is required between rooms, or where the home leads onto a patio area.

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